Signal Management


Superio Blue Boxes are a series of products specially developed and designed for professional AV installations in both public and private environments.

Blue extender kit with the logo Superio on the front

Blue Boxes Extender kit

70m 4K HDBaseT Extender kit

HDBaseT Extender kit with 4K/60Hz (4:2:0 8-bit) support, bidirectional PoE (Power of ethernet), serial (RS-232) and bidirectional IR support. The super slim design makes it easy to install behind a display, under a table or in a rack. All accessories are included in the box, such as IR-emitter, IR-receiver and mounting ears.

Art. nr: SUP-BB-HDBT70-KIT


HDMI Booster/Fixer

Superio HDMI Enhancer

This 4K UHD HDMI to HDMI Enhancer with 5V Power Injection is an advanced solution for HDMI signal extension and cascading. This unit is designed to enhance and stabilize high-bandwidth HDMI signals for cleaner transmission over long distances using multiple HDMI cables without the need for external power. 4K signals may be extended over distances up to 5M per cable segment with support for cascading up to 4 times.