IS50P-W consists of an active speaker and a passive. The active loudspeaker has built-in stereo amplifier with controls for volume, bass & treble on the back. IS50P-W use Superio’s ASF technology that automatically puts the speaker in the standby mode when no line signal is detected on any of the inputs. This saves energy and increases the life of the product. IS50P-W also has a hum noise prevention circuit integrated. This allows IS50P-W to reduce the risk of hum noises with about 90%

Despite its discreet exterior IS50P-W delivers uncompromised sound thanks to its structure with 2-way speaker systems, powerful 5.25 ”subwoofer and separate 1” tweeter. IS50P-W is a speaker specially designed for AV-applications such as classrooms and small conference rooms. Active speakers are often used in this type of environments, connected directly to the projector’s audio output. This way you can adjust the volume, source selection and management from the room’s control or the projector’s remote control, making operations easier.

IS50P-W comes complete with mounting bracket for wall / ceiling mounting, 5m speaker cable and 1.5m power cable.


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