HDMI FlexLine

FlexLine HDMI is a series of extra-thin HDMI cables. With a outer diameter of only 3.5mm, they are one of the market’s thinnest cables. Despite it’s slim external FlexLine deliver performance, quality and reliability of absolute top class. This is because the cables are active, which means that the EQ-chip is built into the connector on one end. The cable’s one end is labeled ”Source” and is meant to connected directly in the source (such as a PC, laptop or Blu-ray player) the other end is labeled ”Display” and is supposed to be connected to a Monitor, Projector or Switch. Flex Line is designed and developed for use as connection cable to interact with Superio PRO + Series installation cables. Thanks to it’s soft and thin mantle the cable is extremely flexible and pliable. Making it ideal for installation in confined spaces or between devices in a rack installation. The primary purpose of the cable is to use the grasp or from a tabletop. FlexLine HDMI has the full support of the latest HDMI technology (4K / UHD resolution, HEC HDMI Ethernet Channel, 3D, etc.). FlexLine HDMI has a bandwidth of 18Gbps.

Available in lengths from 1m to 3m.

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