HDMI Adpater Rings

HDMI Adapter Rings (HAR-Series) are now available. No more missing adapters! HAR-Series makes sure your’e always carrying all your digital audio/video adapters with you at all times. Made of security steel wire and high quality adapters for almost all formats. No matter what kind of computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone you are using, Superio HDMI Adapter Rings got you covered. Easy to attach and always secured to any HDMI cable, fits all cable diameters. Adapters are available for the following formats: Mini DisplayPort, DisplayPort, Mini HDMI, Micro HDMI, DVI, Apple Lightning and Apple iPod 30-pin docking connector. If you cant find the mix of adapters needed for your application, just give us a call and we will custom build a HDMI adapter ring for you.


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